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Investments and Retirement

Health Savings Checking*

To keep your balance when faced with mounting medical expenses, a Health Savings Checking account may be a viable tool for you. HSA's can help protect against major health care costs, and if you don’t need the HSA funds for medical expenses, the funds can be a tax-deferred retirement savings.

Individual Retirement Accounts*

When you begin to save for retirement makes a huge difference in how much you have on the day that you retire. At First National Bank & Trust, we offer a full array of certificate of deposit retirement accounts ranging from Traditional Individual Retirement Accounts, Roth Individual Retirement Accounts and SEP Plans.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Do you have cherished items, important documents or investments that can't be replaced by your homeowners insurance? A safe deposit box from First National Bank & Trust may be the answer. We offer various sizes at great rates.

Investment Center

Interested in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, IRA's or SIMPLE plans? First National Bank & Trust offers securities through Oklahoma Capital Advisors, a local branch office of B.B. Graham and Company, Inc., member FINRA, MSRB and SIPC.


Investments sold through our Investment Center:

  • are not insured by FDIC
  • are not deposits or other obligations of First National Bank & Trust (Bank)
  • are not guaranteed by the Bank
  • are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of the principal invested
  • are not insured by the Securities Investors Corporation (SIPC) as to the loss of the principal amounts invested.

* Interest accrues at First National Bank & Trust's prevailing market rates. Interest rates may change at any time. Rates are available upon request at any of our locations during regular banking hours. Separate qualifications required.

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