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At First National Bank & Trust we give quick service on loans. We make our own decisions and offer a wide range of loans at competitive rates.

Residential Real Estate Loans*

We’ve helped a lot of families own their own home. Whether you are building or purchasing, our in-house residential real estate loans offer low closing fees, competitive rates, flexible terms and local servicing.

If you are wanting a fixed interest rate, we also facilitate secondary market loans.

Agricultural Loans*

When it comes to financing your ag operation you want to deal with someone who knows agriculture. Our loan officers are experienced in ag lending and that’s why we offer Agricultural Real Estate, Livestock, Farm Equipment, Farm Operating and Crop loans for your asset acquisition and operating needs.

Commercial Loans*

In the communities we serve, small business plays an important role. We're here to help small businesses succeed and offer Commercial Real Estate, Commercial Operating, Commercial Vehicle/Equipment and Commercial Construction loans.

Consumer Loans*

Needing to borrow for an important personal purchase? At First National Bank & Trust, we offer Vehicle loans and Installment loans to make purchases, pay expenses or consolidate debt with a competitive fixed rate allowing easy budgeting of payments.

Certificate of Deposit/Deposit Account Loans*

Certificate of Deposit/Deposit Account Loans are a simple, low cost means for you to obtain credit without depleting cash reserves. Our Certificate of Deposit/Deposit Account loans have flexible repayment options and terms. Proceeds can be used for ag, commercial, individual, family or household purposes.

* Interest accrues at First National Bank & Trust's prevailing market rates. Interest rates may change at any time. Rates are available upon request at any of our locations during regular banking hours. Separate qualifications required.

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